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List of Computer Apps That Make Life Easier

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An online multiplayer turn based strategy game and board game engine.

License GNU Library or Lesser General Public License version 2.0 (LGPLv2)
Updated on Sep 9, 2015
Version NA
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Triple A is an free online turn based strategy and board game engine. It has multiple games and is similar to Axis and Allies or Risk. It has the downloading facility of over 100 more games from its user community. Played by Email and Forum, it supports single player vs. AI, hot-seat. Also, it has a hosted online lobby for live playing online.

With TripleA, you can recreate World War 2nd Axis pushing through to Moscow, Japan demolishing the Pacific and the associates fighting back dreadfully. It will create an aura in the form of game such as Napoleon’s tramp across Europe, Rome crushing the empire of Carthaginian, or Sauron’s Middle Earth triumph, to even Zombies captivating America!

For those who have ever played a game where you need to push a little plastic/virtual pieces around, start rolling dice, surmount the lands of your enemy, & yield new pieces to conquer with!, jump exactly into TripleA.



  • TripleA is a free online turn based strategy game and board game engine, allowing you to play some of your favorite war games online or hotseat/single-player.
  • Comes with 8+ games inside, with over 100 more user created games available for download free.
  • Huge Variety of games: World War 2 maps like Pact of Steel and New World Order, Fantasy maps like Middle Earth or D&D, Ancient History maps like 270BC or Napoleonic Empires, Futuristic maps like Star Wars or Zombieland.
  • Allows for a large variety of rules sets, such as Axis And Allies or Risk or far more complex war games, and also more mundane boardgames such as Chess, Checkers, and Go.



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