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List of Computer Apps That Make Life Easier
List of Computer Apps That Make Life Easier

Sep 17, 2015 by Administrator

As we made my efforts to compile this listing...

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What is Green Technology?

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Some Interesting Things You Did Not Know About Skype

Sep 17, 2015 by Administrator

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List of Computer Apps That Make Life Easier

Posted on Sep 17, 2015 by Administrator

List of Computer Apps That Make Life Easier

As we made my efforts to compile this listing of computer applications that make life easier, we considered several factors. The first one being how frequently we use the application and then we also made my consideration on how indispensable the computer app was to me. Many of these apps can either be from open-source projects or they may have been created by a single person in their own spare time and also at their own expenses. We want to encourage each and every person to give support to such fantastic ventures in whatever ways they can. This listing of computer apps that make life easier mostly include lightweight and fast applications that one can carry in a USB flash disk.

1. DVD Flick

This DVD Flick simply takes a movie or a video clip on your personal computer and burns it on to a DVD. This makes it possible to watch it on any television using a standard DVD player. This DVD Flick is often easy to use because the easier-to-use interface. Users need to have basic computer sects in order to use this software. The user interface is simple, and there are no any complications. After using DVD Flick, We came to realize the easiest way to burn any movie or video clip on a DVD disk and watching it on my television using my DVD player.

2. eRight Software

We have used this application over and again because it takes virtually any video or audio file and it converts it from either of the format to other and vice -versa. We do not have to waste time with other applications that only converts certain formats of files we always using this app. I can convert an MP3 file to a WMA audio file or vice-versa. We can also convert an AVI to an MPG or vice-versa. It can simply convert any file format we want.

3. Video LAN(VLC Media Player)

This is a media player app just like any other such as Quicktime or Real Player among others. What we love about this player is that I do not have worries about whether gives me erroneous messages informing me that it cant play a media file or not because may be the media file is in an unrecognized format or a wrong format. No matter the file is an audio or a video,this media player always play it. It even repairs damaged video files. When we think that we do not have to waste my time deciding which player I need to use for a particular type of media file, we just run our VLC and it always works.

4. Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is a lightweight and fast PDF Reader just like Adobe Acrobat for reading documents in PDF and other formats. We most commonly use it instead of other PDF readers. The reason behind this being, most PDF readers are largely bloated, and it can take them a long period of time to open a pdf document. Sometimes we just need to open our document as easily and quickly as possible, read the information we needed from it.

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